Nova covert ops missions

Nova Missions

Nova Covert Ops: Mission Packs (Released March 29, 2016)

November Annabella Terra

Nova covert ops missions
Nova Missions, Starcraft Universe.

Emperor Valerian is at war with the resurgence of the Zergs. The fear of the Zergs has led to the formation of a group called the Defenders of Man. In the midst, a number of Dominion Ghosts have vanished including Nova Terra.
This game is a single player campaign that allows the player to go inside Starcraft’s shadow operatives.
There are nine missions spanning 3 mission packs. The player will be Nova Terra (One of the Dominion’s most powerful Ghost). Nova will perform dangerous and missions to help the Dominion. The player will intercept planetary invasions, infiltrate enemy bases, hop onto experimental stealth ships, and also act upon top secret missions.

More Features of the Character:
The Stealth suit can be modified and include various gadgets to enact missions. The player can also modify an army to respond to any threats of the mission. The Ghost can also unleash the nuclear arsenal of the Dominion.

Starcraft II Expansion; Third Edition