Planet of Shakuras

shakuras planet starcraft
Planet of Shakuras. Dark Templar region.

Homeland of the Dark Templars known as “Shakuras”

The Dark Templars known as the Nerazim went to the moon of Ehlna.  The moon was a region of the Xel’naga’s.  The Xel’naga was the race that created the Protoss.  The Dark Templars settled on the planet Shakuras that had the Xel’naga temple.  The Dark Templars also found the post known as Talematros on the planet Shakuras.

Region of the Dark Templars.


A planet with both night and day intertwined together.  There are dessert regions,a nd also some vegetation occupied on this planet.


Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

Starcraft 2, Legacy of the Void is an expansion to the original Starcraft 2.

Artanis is the main protagonist in the game. And the Dark God Amon is the antagonist.

The story of the game starts off with the beginning points of explaination of why the Protoss are at war. In order to find out the truth, Zeratul searches for the peices of the Xel’Naga prophecy. Zeratul travels to a region ruled by Terrans to help Praetor Talis a commander with Artanis to free captured Protoss. After freeing the captured Protoss, Zeratul travels to the planet Atrias. This planet has a Xel’Naga Temple. Zeratul forces through the temple. Zeratul destroys the Void Catalyst that prevents Amon from empowering Protoss units.

artanis protoss starcraft
The leader of the Protoss is Artanis


Starcraft II Expansion; Third Edition