There are many Heroes Selections.

The hereos come in many abilities, powers, and features.  Here is a list of some of the heroes:
Johanna (Crusader of Zakarum), Kael’thas (The Sun King), Sylvanas (The Banshee Queen), The Lost Vikings (Triple Trouble), Thrall (Warchief of the Horde), Jaina Proudmoore (Archmage), Anub’Arak (Traitor King), Azmodan (Lord of Sin), Chen (Legendary), Rehgar (Shaman of the Earthen Ring), Zagara (Broodmother of the Swarm), Murky (Baby Murloc), Brightwing (Faerie Dragon), Li Li (World Wanderer), Tychus (Notorious Outlaw), Stitches (Terror of Darkshire), Arthas (The Lich King), Diablo (Lord of Terror), Tyrael (Archangel of Justice), E.T.C. (Rock God), Sonya (Wandering Barbarian), Muradin (Mountain King), Kerrigan (Queen of Blades), Nova (Dominion Ghost), Falstad (Wildhammer Thane), Valla (Demon Hunter), Illidan (The Betrayer), Raynor (Renegade Commander), Zeratul (Dark Prelate), Uther (The Lightbringer), Malfurion (Archdruid), Tassadar (Savior of the Templar), Tyrande (High Priestess of Elune), Nazeebo (Heretic Witch Doctor), Gazlowe (Boss of Ratchet), Abathur (Evolution Master), SGT. Hammer (Siege Tank Operator).

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