sky temple heroes storm

Battle Arena

Spider Queen:
Battle the heroes and gather gems of magic. The Spider Queen’s altar is featured and in this battle ground.

Sky Temple:
There are many ancient temples that have guardians of protecction. Players can use these guardians powers to defeat the enemies.

sky temple heroes storm
Sky Temple Battle zone

Terror Garden:
Night shall fall, and horror grows in the garden of terror. Destroy the terrors and collect the evil seeds to defeat enemies.

The ghost of Blackheart can be summoned to defeat the enemies.

Dragon Shire:
There are shrines that enable players to control the dragon. Players are able to use the power of the dragon to defeat the enemies.

Haunted Mines:
Players can raise the undead to defeat the enemies.

The Cursed Hollow:
The Raven Lord can help destroy the enemies in this area battlezone.

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