Minecraft is an open world game. Players can move freely through the virtual world. Players can build and construct textured cubes in a 3d generated dimensional worlds. The activities can range from gathering resources, combat and crafting.

There are a few modes; survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode, and spectator mode.

Survival mode: The player must continue to play on uninterrupted session where the game presents challenges where the player has to overcome. An example is surviving at night, where the player has to survive from monsters and beasts of the night until the sunlight arises.

minecraft poster theme

Creative mode: Players have access to resources and items in game through the inventory menu. These items and structures can be removed and placed instantly. This mode helps players build large monuments, structures and beautiful landscapes.

Adventure mode: This mode allows players to experience custom maps and adventures created by other players. The creator can apply specific restrictions, and rules that the player has to play within. This is a way to allow for the creators to allow players experience adventures and playability the way the map creator intended.

Spectator mode: This mode allows players to cruise around worlds and watch the game play. Some view points include flying around, whereas others players can view inside other players and even in creatures.

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